Constitutional information

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The constitutional documents that guide the way London Councils functions are available in related documents (right). The Standing Orders are also known as Schedule 6 and the Financial Regulations’ as Schedule 7 of London Councils Leaders Committee Governing Agreement 2001.

There have been a number of variations to our governing Agreements since they were written in 2001. The versions available here are the consolidated versions and include all variations agreed up to January 2016. Copies of the original Agreements, four significant variations to the LCTEC Agreement and a list of minor variations made since 2001 are available as separate documents on request via

For information on other policies and procedures, please contact Reuben Segal - 

Annual audit letter

For further details of financial reporting or a full copy of London Councils' statement of accounts please contact David Sanni, Director of Corporate Resources, on 020 7934 9704 or email

Invitations to tender

For further details on current London Councils contracts and procurement policies, contact Richard Merrington, Chief Accountant, on 020 7934 9722 or email