Parking enforcement and appeals statistics

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London's boroughs have carried out parking enforcement since 1993/94 to ensure that the capital's already busy roads are not further congested with unnecessary hazards and are safe for everybody that uses them. 

Penalty charge notices are issued to people parking illegally, wrongly using bus lanes, committing moving traffic offences like stopping in yellow box junctions, or for contraventions under the London Lorry Control Scheme. Less than one per cent of these penalties are appealed through the independent Parking and Traffic Appeals Service (PATAS) known as London Tribunals since 2015.

While London Councils provides administrative support to London Tribunals, all the decisions taken on appeals are carried out by Independent Adjudicators. These adjudicators are appointed with the consent of the Lord Chancellor.

Full parking enforcement and appeals statistics of each London borough and Transport for London can be found below. This includes parking, bus lanes and moving traffic Penalty Charge Notices, and those issued under the London lorry control scheme.

These datasets are licensed for reuse under the Open Government Licence.


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