Parking and traffic charges in London

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The current levels of Penalty Charge Notices in London are set out below. These are valid from 15 April 2011.

Current levels of Penalty Charge Notice




Band A



Band B




Higher level penalties apply to contraventions which are considered more serious, such as parking on yellow lines or where an obstruction is caused. Lower level penalties apply generally where parking is permitted but the regulations are contravened, such as overstaying on a pay and display bay.

Bus lane and minor moving traffic contraventions

Bus lane contraventions


Minor moving traffic contraventions



London Lorry Control Scheme contraventions

For drivers


For operators



Discount for early payment

Payment within 14 days (or within 21 days for parking contraventions issued by CCTV)



Other charges 

Release from wheel clamp 


Release from car pound


Storage charge

£40 per day

Disposal fee