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Review of the London Lorry Control Scheme

London Councils is reviewing the London Lorry Control Scheme to assess its effectiveness, including consideration of its impact on the freight industry, business and the benefits to London’s residents.

London Councils Transport and Environment Committee convened on 15 June 2017 and agreed to a set of short, medium and long-term recommendations and solutions on how the scheme may operate in the future. Follow the link to read the full report: - London Lorry Control Scheme Review - Update & Initial Recommendations

In order to add focus and balance to the review, London Councils established a Steering Group and a larger Working Group made up of key stakeholders to discuss the operational details of the scheme, both were chaired by London Councils.  As a result of the meetings London Councils released an online survey in February 2017 for the freight industry, contacting in excess of 3,500 hauliers from our permissions database with further wider distribution through our member organisations of the Working Group. We then hosted an operator workshop day at the Kia Oval on 9 March.

To engage with London boroughs we launched an online borough survey in May 2017 and held a borough workshop on 12 May, to explore borough and residents views of the existing scheme and proposed areas of review.

London Councils is aware that there will need to be significant engagement with residents and is committed to future consultations. Follow the link to read the full report: - add link


New and improved Haulier Portal

We have improved the way you can contact us and hope that you agree. What have we done?

  • We have created a one-stop shop for all your needs
  • You can now login, create an account and manage your cases on-line
  • You can edit your account details and add or remove vehicles
  • view the status of you cases
  • reply to enquiry letters (EF119)
  • make representations
  • contact us and
  • pay PCNs

We will respond to you directly from the portal to speed up our responses, so make sure your contact details are always kept up to date.