Using your pass outside of London

The Freedom Pass allows you to travel on local bus services across England during off-peak times - 9.30am to 11pm Monday to Friday and all day at other times. The red rose symbol on your pass denotes that you have this right - known as the English National Concessionary Travel Scheme (ENCTS). It does not allow you to use trams, trains or any other modes of transport.

Government Legislation does not allow free travel outside London if your pass is a 'discretionary' disabled pass

People with passes from other English concessionary travel schemes (from outside of London) can only travel on Transport For London bus network - not on any other mode of transport.

The definition of a 'local bus' will be self-evident in most cases, but in a few instances could include some longer distance buses and coach services where part of their route is registered as a local bus service. If in doubt, contact the bus company.

Legislation only obliges local transport authorities to offer off-peak travel on local buses between 9.30am to 11:00pm. Any travel outside these times is funded at the discretion of the local authority.

No. You are advised to contact the local transport authority of the area in which you wish to travel in advance to find out about the accessibility of buses in that area.

In most cases no. However, there are a few places where coach companies provide a local bus service and in these cases the Freedom Pass will be accepted within the eligible times. You should check with the coach company before travelling.

No. There are no reciprocal arrangements between England and other countries for the acceptance of each others' concessionary passes. Some cross-border journeys may be funded at the discretion of the local authority, but please check with the bus company before travelling

No. In London, the Freedom Pass is an Oyster smartcard that uses a different technology to the one elsewhere in England, so you will need to show your pass. The government is working on a national standard.