Discretionary disabled Freedom Pass

A number of boroughs issue discretionary Freedom Passes to disabled people who do not meet the statutory eligibility criteria. The number of boroughs offering these may be subject to change and because these passes are discretionary, they could be withdrawn at a future date.

If you change address and move into a different London borough your discretionary Freedom Pass will no longer be valid and you must submit an application to your new local authority.

If you are a discretionary passholder, your pass is not valid for travel outside of London. You have the same entitlement as other Freedom Pass holders on Transport for London (TfL)  buses, tube, trams, DLR and national rail within Greater London.

There are some non-TfL bus routes that run across the London boundary where your pass will not be valid. Please check with the operator to ensure that your Freedom Pass is valid.

For more information about the discretionary Freedom Pass you will need to contact your local borough.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The 5 year expiry date on the Freedom Pass is the lifespan of the card chip, and is not how long someone is entitled to hold the pass for.  Therefore, if you no longer meet the eligibility criteria for the Freedom Pass you hold it can be stopped at any time.