RNIB - Please Give Me Space: the launch of a new wearable to help social distancing

  • By StacyRands

A new wearable featuring our Please Give Me Space design has been created to help people with social distancing.

In August, we announced the launch of the Please Give Me Space tool (PGMS), which we had developed with the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Scheme, with support from the Cabinet Office. But, thanks to the Hidden Disability Store, from the 22 September, the PGMS symbol will be available to purchase in the form of a wearable.

What is PGMS?

In the early months of lockdown, it became clear that for some people with different disabilities and conditions, including those with sight loss, maintaining social distancing was incredibly challenging. For many, it was causing significantly increased levels of stress and anxiety. So, following consultation, the Please Give Me Space (PGMS) tool was developed by RNIB and the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Scheme, with support from the Cabinet Office. It was created as an option to be used by anyone who may have a hidden disability or anyone who feels that they may need support with social distancing when out shopping, walking or socialising.  It was designed to act as a reminder the public to be mindful and give space to help keep each other safe.

Read more about the creation of PGMS

What does it look like?

The PGMS symbol of a person in-between two double-headed arrows on a yellow circle background has been adapted to be used in a range of formats, allowing the wearer to pick the item best suited to their needs.  The words ‘Please give me space’ are also often seen in conjunction with the sign.

What wearable forms can I get it in?

The PGMS symbol has been adopted by the Cabinet Office and is available as a card to print or mobile phone badge as a free download from the government website. But for anyone that wants to wear a PGMS item, the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Scheme (makers of the Sunflower lanyard) have now launched a product range of accessories with the symbol incorporated in the design. The wearer can decide what item within the range, best works for them from:

  • a lanyard
  • lanyard ID card
  • face masks
  • badge
  • snood
  • tabard.

These will be available to purchase from 22 September 2020 on the Please Give Me Space website. The cost of items start from £1.50.