Bus services in London

Buses are the most used form of public transport in London and provide a comprehensive and adaptable service. 

  • By Agathe de Canson

Our focus

London Councils support boroughs' efforts for more journeys to be made by bus. We bring TfL and boroughs together as delivery partners working to enhance the bus network and to promote buses as a more sustainable mode of travel.

We also work at a strategic level to ensure buses are kept front and centre of the Mayor's transport strategy.

Response to TfL's central London bus review

London Councils' response in full.

We regret that TfL is proposing the reduction in bus services outlined in its central London bus review. Buses are the backbone of London’s transport infrastructure. They provide a vital sevice to many Londoners and are key to meeting our net zero aims. We are concerned that the changes proposed would have a negative equalities impacts and that it would penalise lower income residents.

We recommend that TfL set out its plans for the frequency of bus routes, reconsiders its plans to reduce night bus services, and meaningfully engages with community and disability groups. We also call on TfL to continue to engage with individual boroughs and with London Councils on these changes.