London Office of Technology and Innovation (LOTI)

What is LOTI?

The London Office of Technology and Innovation (LOTI) was created to help London boroughs work together, bringing the best of digital, technology and data to improve public services for Londoners. Visit the website


LOTI wants to see a future where London’s public sector organisations can thrive in the digital era, achieving their best for London’s residents. 


LOTI’s mission is to deliver real-world outcomes for Londoners by making collaboration on innovative technology and data projects frictionless for our members.


LOTI is made up of the Greater London Authority (GLA), London Councils, and London boroughs

The Value LOTI brings

LOTI aims to deliver benefits for its members and Londoners through 7 workstreams: 

  • Digital Leadership: Helping senior managers and political leaders develop their understanding and skills to make the most of digital; and by building the digital skills pipeline.
  • Collective knowledge: Sharing what works, what doesn’t, and evidence of impact. Market shaping through better sharing of procurement needs.
  • Sharing & re-using: Facilitating better peer-to-peer sharing of tools, patterns and code. Supporting the scaling of initiatives that have a strong evidence base.
  • Better partnerships: Encouraging effective collaboration with universities,  GovTech, TechforGood, universities and nonprofits by building effective networks and relationships.
  • Embedding standards: Supporting the adoption of useful standards in specific service areas, plus the Local Digital Declaration, Digital Service Standard, Digital Marketplace and G-Cloud.
  • Data collaboration: Removing barriers to responsible data sharing. Vetting and managing collaborative data projects across London’s public sector.
  • Shared experiments: Bringing the best of digital, tech and data to work on new collaborative experiments that achieve real-world outcomes on priority themes for London.

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