Health and Care Integration

Working with London boroughs and NHS partners to augment the pace and scale of health and care integration

The aims of health and social care integration are to enable people to be full partners in their health and wellbeing and for the care they receive to be high quality, seamless and provided in the most appropriate setting.

Recognition of the importance of integrated care has grown in recent years in response to a greater understanding of the changing demographics of the population with an increasing proportion of older people and also larger numbers of people living with one or more chronic conditions.

With increasing pressures on both social care and health budgets, the integration of care and the provision of health care out of hospital and closer to home wherever possible are seen as important for managing costs and stemming rising spend in these areas.

We are working with the London boroughs, the NHS in London and other partners to augment the scale and pace of health and care integration in London. A system-wide review of health and care integration was published in 2022.  

For more information about our work on integration, please contact:
Principal Policy and Project Officer