London Environment Directors' Network

Working together to deliver a better environment for Londoners


This site highlights LEDNet's vision, mission and key strategic priorities. For more regular, live updates on our work, please follow us on LinkedIn.


What is LEDNet?

LEDNet (London Environment Directors' Network) is the membership organisation for environment and climate directors across London’s boroughs and the City of London.

We work together to make London a better place, by providing:

  • A respected voice for London’s environment. We provide collective leadership on climate action, environmental services and placemaking. We work together to ensure boroughs’ voices are heard on key environmental issues. We seek to influence the development of policy and legislative frameworks that will support boroughs to deliver climate and environment priorities.
  • A forum for innovation and collaboration. We support the development of new service delivery approaches. We seek to identify, scale and share best practice. We undertake research and innovation pilots to support boroughs and solve shared problems.
  • A source of mutual support. We provide a professional support network for LEDNet members, where directors can share experiences, knowledge, challenges and opportunities. We provide information, resources, and professional development opportunities for Environment Directors. We facilitate collaboration between Directors that contributes to London’s joint working.


What is our vision for London?

The outcome of this work will be more effective, efficient and innovative delivery of boroughs’ environmental priorities, including:

  • Increased adoption of circular economy approaches, reduced residual waste and increased recycling, cleaner air, more resilient green and blue infrastructure, a more resilient energy system and a thriving natural environment;
  • Increased adoption of best practice around digital solutions and SMART[1] working, proactive use of effective demand management and behavioural change approaches and effective financial strategy; and
  • More cost-effective outcomes for London residents.

[1] Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology


What are we working on?

For 2023-24, our members have identified the following five strategic priorities where LEDNet can make the greatest contribution towards this long-term vision, alongside London's wider family of borough networks. These will form the basis for our workplan and most activity in this period. Please click on each priority to find out more.


     Finance and Investment    Future Places    Future Transport   Health and Environment                              

                                                                                                         Adaptation and Flooding



Who do we work with?

LEDNet works closely with a wide range of local and national government, private and third sector stakeholders to achieve its objectives, and we also collaborate with other professional networks across London boroughs and beyond. Our meetings are attended by representatives from London Councils, the Greater London Authority, Transport for London and ReLondon as well as our Associate Members, which include London’s joint waste disposal authorities and the South London Waste Partnership.

LEDNet is represented on each of the following boards:

  • Transport for London (TfL) Board
  • London Streetspace Advisory Board
  • ADEPT Transport and Connectivity Board
  • ADEPT Environment Board
  • ADEPT Waste Group
  • Lead Chief Executive Advisors group for environment
  • Parks for London as the Centre for Excellence in London's parks and greenspaces
  • Cross Director Oversight group

LEDNet also provides a corporate membership opportunity for organisations who are interested in engaging with LEDNet and supporting London in responding to its environmental challenges.


     LEDNET Publications 


LEDNet Governance

Our Chair is Dipti Patel, Corporate Director of Place at LB Harrow.

Our Vice Chair is Richard Bradbury, Director of Environment and Sustainability, LB Camden

Contact the LEDNet team at for any queries about LEDNet's work programme, our position statements and any requests for press interviews.