Boroughs Support for Business

Boroughs have worked hard to support and keep safe communities and businesses through the unprecedented times of the Covid-19 pandemic. Boroughs forged extensive relationships with local businesses during the pandemic as they distributed grants and worked with all businesses to support the safe reopening of the economy.


Pledges for Business sets out how boroughs can better support their local economy, looking across boroughs’ business facing activities, including business support, licencing, business rates and planning.  The Pledges have been developed by London Councils working with boroughs and businesses and have been agreed with borough Leaders.   The Pledges set out the role of boroughs in supporting their local economy and the practical steps to enhance this support.  London Councils will be working with boroughs to support the implementation of the pledges.

This report sets out how boroughs have played an important role in supporting their local economies.  It provides a range of examples of how individual boroughs have practically supported local businesses.  In total boroughs have deliver over £6bn in reliefs and grants to businesses such the start of the pandemic and continue to provide practical advice on the safe reopening and recovery of businesses.