Civil Resilience Handbook for London Councillors

  • By Anonymous (not verified)

London local authorities have a central role to play in responding to major emergencies and other significant crises in the capital. When such events happen, people expect councils to respond swiftly and effectively alongside other organisations, whilst continuing to deliver essential ‘business-as-usual’ services.

Councillors have a key political role to play in preparing for, responding to, and recovering from emergency incidents.

This handbook:

  • Has been prepared to assist local authorities in meeting their obligations set out by the Resilience Standards for London.
  • Has been developed to ensure that Political Leaders and Ward Councillors understand their clearly defined roles and responsibilities in relation to civil resilience and that the necessary support arrangements are put in place to enable councillors to fulfil their roles effectively.
  • Provides practical guidance on the role of Leaders/Directly-elected Mayors, Cabinet Members and Ward Councillors.

For more information on this handbook or any resilience queries, please contact Joseph Foxwell, Principal Policy and Project Officer, Strategic Policy Group. 

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