In November 2019, London Environment Directors' Network (LEDNet) and the Transport and Environment Committee (TEC) came together to discuss key climate change issues facing boroughs and how they could work together to address them. The result was an ambitious Joint Statement on Climate Change that sets out our climate programme, which spans seven themes for cross-borough collaboration.

Our climate programme covers every area London needs to achieve net zero, which includes:

  • Retrofitting our buildings to make them cheaper to heat and reduce their impact on the environment.
  • Increasing the number of Londoners employed in the green economy.
  • Ramping up local renewable power.
  • Ensuring that all new developments have a minimal carbon footprint.
  • Advancing low carbon transport.
  • Working with residents and businesses to reduce their consumption-based emissions.
  • Developing the resilience London needs to cope with the extreme weather events that come more frequently and severely with climate change.

Our priorities for 2023-25

We have launched the next phase of our climate programme to scale up delivery and ensure that London's boroughs' collaboration on net zero and adaptation moves from strength to strength.

Our Implementation Plan sets out all our key priorities for the 2023-25 period. Download the implementation plan.

Retrofit London

Achieving an average Energy Performance Certificate Level (EPC) of ‘B’ by 2030 through mass home retrofitting.

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Green Economy

Doubling the size of the green economy in London.

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Renewable power for London

Maximising local innovative energy and heat generation and storage projects.

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Low Carbon Development

Low carbon development will not only reduce emissions, but will help create buildings that enable occupants to have healthier, more sustainable lives and to better cope with a changing climate.

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Low Carbon Transport

Reducing road journeys made by petrol and diesel by half, and encouraging more sustainable and active travel options.

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One World Living

Reducing consumption emissions by focusing on food, textiles, electricals and plastics.

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Resilient and Green

Helping London to become more resilient to the changing climate.


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