Integrating early years care

Read our research on early years support for children, and access our evaluation tool and see how your borough can join up its early years care. 

The care provided during the first years of a child’s life has more influence on a child’s future than at any other time in their life. Integrated early years services means families can access the right support at the right time. 

We commissioned Isos Partnership to research the integration of early years support for children in London and identify what further steps can create more joined-up support. 

This research, laid out in our report ‘Beyond Boundaries’, finds that integration of early years systems is a priority across London but there is a variability in practice. Integration faces obstacles such as capacity, cultural barriers, shifting landscapes and technical difficulties. 

Integration of services relies on mutual understanding of joint priorities, roles and responsibilities, and spaces to work together and connect. There are different ways to bring services together and local decision making that responds to community needs is essential. 

The report makes recommendations to address these challenges at a local level, across London, and nationally. It calls on local leaders within councils to prioritise the development of closer working so that the support families may receive from different services is as seamless as possible. 

Read the full report here

Read the executive summary here.

We have also developed a self-evaluation tool so that local authorities and their partners can join up their local early years support and develop a common agenda for change. 

Download the Beyond Boundaries self evaluation tool here.