Heads of Human Resources

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This network gives Heads of Human Resources in the London boroughs an opportunity to discuss national and regional issues.  The network share ideas and information and increasingly looks to work collaboratively to tackle issues that demand a collective response, or where, by working together, we can use our resources most effectively.   


  • Share Intelligence on matters of strategic importance to London local government future leadership.
  • Space and support to share knowledge, experiences and ideas so members can learn from each other and identify opportunities for mutual benefit.
  • External input that supports new ways of thinking whilst acting as a catalyst for identifying shared solutions, strategies or products etc. that contribute to the continued gains in efficiency and improvements across the workforce agenda.

Our Members

Heads of HR in the London boroughs.

Co-Chairs: The network is currently co-chaired by T Steve Whitehead (Hounslow) and Jonathan Bell (Barnet)

Current Work Programme

We wish to use this site to share with others some aspects of our current work programme.  Please click on the relevant links to find out more about:

Sub Groups

The network supports a number of sub-groups, as follows:

Please click on the above networks to find out what they do.

If you have any queries please contact steve.davies@londoncouncils.gov.uk