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  • London Surface Water Strategy

    This briefing updates members on work to produce a Surface Water Strategy for London, a key recommendation from reviews following the flooding events that impacted the capital in summer 2021.

  • Results from London Councils’ 2023 climate change polling

    What do Londoners think about climate change? This is the fourth year of polling of Londoners which London Councils has undertaken to build on our understanding of the level of public awareness around, and attitudes to, the issues arising from climate change in London.

  • Launching the next phase of London Councils’ Climate Programme

    This briefing outlines the work London Councils has done so far, on the Climate Programme and what the next phase will involve.

  • Basement Flash Flooding Campaign 2023

    On 12 and 25 July 2021, London experienced intense rainstorms that overwhelmed the drainage systems and led to extensive surface water and sewer flooding, affecting homes, businesses, health infrastructure and transport networks.  24 boroughs were impacted, with the worst impacts felt particularly in parts of east and north London.

  • A summary of Powering Up Britain – The UK Government’s latest announcements on net zero and adaptation

    Find out what this set of policy documents means for London and local governments across the country, and our response to it.

  • Mission Zero - The Skidmore Net Zero Review

    The review is a very welcome contribution to the development of strong net zero policy in the UK. It echoes many of London Councils’ and the wider local government family’s messages, particularly the need to secure effective local government funding and embedding our role as a key delivery partner.

  • Cost-of-living crisis affecting London’s ability to prevent climate change

    As we enter the week of COP27, a year on from Glasgow, London Councils' commissioned research shows that people want to take action to tackle climate change but see cost as a key barrier, especially in the context of the cost-of-living crisis.

  • Basement Flash Flooding Campaign 2022


    This briefing updates members on the recent launch of the Basement Flash Flooding Campaign and provides an update on the recent actions undertaken by London Councils and partners following the floods of 12th and 25th July 2021.

  • Surface Water Flood Risk Management in London

    This briefing provides a summary of the issues surrounding surface water flooding and the work of the Surface Water Flooding Task and Finish Group that was established following the flooding events in July 2021.

  • London Councils’ Annual Climate Change Polling Results 2021

    London Councils first polled Londoners on the topic of Climate Change in 2020. The results of the second poll are now available. They show more Londoners say that they are very concerned about climate change, more say that they have been more concerned about climate change in the past 12 months, and more say that their lives have been greatly affected by climate change.

  • Net Zero Strategy

    This briefing provides an overview and commentary on the main points in the government’s recently published Net Zero Strategy.

  • Local Government and Net Zero

    This briefing outlines the key findings and policy implications of the National Audit Office’s recent value for money report on achieving net zero.