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Freedom Pass

The Freedom Pass provides concessionary travel for older and disabled Londoners


Distributes grants to voluntary groups on behalf of the boroughs

London Tribunals

Hears appeals from motorists against parking, congestion and other penalties

Lorry control

The London Lorry Control Scheme controls the movement of heavy goods vehicles over 18 tonnes.


Subsidised transport in taxis and private-hire vehicles for people who have serious mobility or visual impairment

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Committees and leadership

Learn who the members of each of our committees are

Search our committees and networks

We run a number of committees, networks and forums

Our governance

The codes and protocols that govern London Councils


Information for journalists about London Councils and our work


Develop your career and improve Londoner's lives

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London Councils deliver a range of services directly to Londoners and to London boroughs

Services for Londoners


Our member briefings and podcasts, produced by a team of policy experts, will help you stay informed


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